Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Musings

A chilly few days, though the sunshine and blue skies are more than adequate compensation. It means a brisk walk to work each day, part of my recovery from back surgery this summer, and up until a few weeks ago regular jaunts with friends out to Oldfield Road for fruits and veggies and walks in the country. The truth is spring and summer can’t come soon enough for me, though I am chastened by the fact that we are blessed by short, relatively mild winters and that the cold is no excuse for avoiding the West Coast Trail, something to which my friends have promised (threatened?) to introduce me.

Work continues apace on the CD, though I have learned something interesting about the possible future of CDs. Some speculate that with the advent of “aggregators” or song brokers (i.e. people or agencies that distribute recorded songs on-line, potentially to millions of listeners) the CD could go the way of the old long playing album. The good news is that an artist who gains access and manages to sell to even a very small percentage of a large on-line audience can do quite well financially. The bad news: that as in the days of vinyl, large distribution companies are already beginning to dominate this nascent industry. So, although I’m exploring the on-line option myself my ambitions remain comparatively modest. Meantime, I look forward to happily displaying the CD at our gigs this spring.

Here are a few other artists worth checking out, too:

Corb Lund, rocky and irreverent, was recommended to me a few months ago and has a great new release.


Eliza Gilkyson has carved out a distinctive musical and lyric style that continues to amaze me.


Karan Casey is one of those artists whose talent sneaks up on you. A gorgeous voice in the Celtic tradition.



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