Friday, November 16, 2007

The Tried and True

Well, we're nearly finished recording the vocals for the upcoming CD. It's been a real ear-opener as we learn about some of the tricks that work - or, as is sometimes the case, don't work. There's a whole debate, for example, about recording "live off the floor", i.e. with everyone present singing their hearts out together versus the "layering" technique where individual voices are recorded separately and combined later in the "mix". The latter technique gives you more control over individual tracks. Unfortunately you risk sacrificing some of the natural dynamics that occur when people sing together.

Thus it was after labouring for hours trying to obtain individual performances that inevitably fell short of perfection, our trusty engineer Dennis suggested we return to the tried and true: singing together. Which we did. With gusto. Low and behold, magic occurs. I can't tell you what a charge it is to look across a bank of microphones into the eyes of the person singing opposite you, the two of you smiling, knowing you're nailing a line in perfect unison. This is what making music is all about.


Barry said...

Hi David,

Good to see you at the folk last night and thanks for forwarding me your blog details.

Look forward to your CD release and all the best in that regard!


David Kosub said...

Ditto, Barry, thanks. Great evening of music last night. I'll keep you posted on the CD's progress and its release date.